"MMS has given all three of my children the foundation on which to flourish both as learners and as people. Although each child is very different, they all blossomed under the warmth and experience of the incredible teaching staff at Morningside. The teachers are creative, nurturing, and stimulating, allowing each child to achieve his or her full potential. I am so appreciative of all that they have given my family. And I am grateful to have made life-long friends through the school's wonderful parent body."  -Hannah (Current and Alumnus Parent and former Board President)


"It was the teacher-child relationship that was the key to our experience at Morningside.  Having two kids at the school over a five-year period really gave us the sense that MMS was our second home, and the teachers an extension of our family.  It is such a small, close knit community, with the teachers constantly sharing with each other and offering support.  Our kids developed strong bonds with individual teachers that they carry with them to this day. This is the epitome of what one would want from a first school experience- strong foundations for future learning based in a warm, loving, secure environment."  -Anthony (Alumnus Parent and former Board Member)


"The teachers demonstrated amazing patience and wisdom when things weren’t going so smoothly for my kids.  My son’s teacher recognized right away that he might have a sensory processing disorder and guided us in the right direction towards people who could help him.  Morningside was extremely accommodating when he was indeed diagnosed with SPD and needed a SEIT, someone to come into class to “shadow” him and ensure that he would learn social cues appropriately and how to manage himself.  When my daughter exhibited some behavioral issues with other children, the teachers informed us right away and let us know the plan of action they had in place to redirect her energy.  It was a seamless, positive process and constant conversation about my children, which kept me in the loop every step of the way.  Beyond that, I felt the teachers truly, deeply knew and loved my children for their individuality, strengths, quirks, and temperaments.  I will always be grateful to Morningside for this most inspirational beginning."  (Alumnus Parent)


"Morningside Montessori was a home away from home for my two children (graduates, 2008 and 2011) and provided me with the peace of mind that they were getting a nurturing and supportive first experience of school.  Since my husband and I both work, I really needed to be sure that they would feel safe and cared for in every possible way, and they were, a thousand times over.  The care my children were getting was evidenced each day by the exciting artwork they brought home, a new song about the continents, a bit of news from the rooftop playground, or a group walk to the park to observe nature and find a class tree.  Then there were the class birthday parties and holiday gatherings to which parents came with plates of fruit, cheese, and treats, and the warmest sense of community.  These folks inspired me to become more involved in the school, as a class parent, for example, in my daughter’s class, and during the various fairs and auctions as a volunteer.   But the core and heart of Morningside are its wonderful teachers, without whom it would have taken me much longer to recognize my children’s innate talents in math and art and to see how uniquely they shine in the world." -Alexia (Alumnus Parent)


"MMS is the foundation of our parenting community. Even two years after graduation our son is still friends with his classmates and we are still friends with their parents. We run into teachers and staff in the neighborhood and they always remember to ask how he is doing. We are very fond of our three years at the school and how much our son grew and developed. He learned how to love learning and we learned about being parents of a pre-school aged child!"  -Rachael (Alumni Parent)



One of the many things I love about Morningside is that it not only nurtures the children but also the parents.  I've had two children attend Morningside and I felt as much a part of the community as my children did. My daughter is a high school senior and she's still connected to Morningside by working as a camp counselor in the summer!  My son is in first grade and his favorite song is 'Oh Morningside'!   I have also grown, not only as a parent but also as an educator, and I continue to grow each day! "  -Alex (Teacher and Alumnus Parent)


"MMS instills a sense of community while fostering independent thinkers and doers. Oliver left Morningside a happy confident kid that not only could zip his own jacket, write his name, and read but more importantly his heart was filled with loving memories, a strong sense of self, and he was ready to take on KindergartenŠand the world.  MMS is a UWS treasure!" -Traci (Current and Alumni Parent)