As parents to a toddler (our first child), we routinely feel like rookies. The parenting workshops at MMS have been an invaluable source of education for us. We’ve gleaned big picture insights on how preschoolers develop, as well as practical tips for how to cultivate our son’s confidence and independence while maintaining a peaceful, loving home environment. In the first workshop I attended, “Continuing Montessori Education at Home,” we gained tips on how to foster our son’s independence by creating opportunities for him to do things on his own — from putting a hook in a “cubby” so that he can hang up and retrieve his coat, to placing his shoes in an area that he can easily access. This small tweak has helped to make our getting-out-the-door routine much smoother. We have tweaked our playroom to better model a Montessori classroom, with the understanding that “less is more” and that stimulation can come from natural elements and 99 cent store items as easily as expensive toys.
— Helen C., MMS Parent

A child's development hinges on the strong relationships between all constituencies. At our core, we believe in the collaborative work of parents, caregivers, teachers and support personnel.

We began our Parent Education Workshop sereies in 2014 as a four-part parenting series to help parents infuse Montessori into their homes. Since then, we've expanded our workshops to include a variety of relevant content and opportunities that meet the varying needs of parents.

These workshops are a forum for learning, exchanging ideas, and furthering relationships with other Morningside families.

Our 2017 - 2018 workshops will be open to the entire NYC community. Please check this page again in September for our calendar of workshops. Unless noted, workshops are free and only a reservation is required. We hope you will join us!