Dear Morningside Montessori Family,

It has been a pleasure to serve at Morningside Montessori as we celebrate its 50th anniversary year. Every day we witness firsthand how the school’s culture, curriculum, and community work together to meet each child’s needs while fostering a shared spirit of compassion and a lifelong passion for learning among our students. This careful balance between the individual and the community, between traditional Montessori principles and innovative practices in early childhood education, is what makes Morningside a remarkable place for each child to begin his or her academic journey.

As we reflect on our fifty-year history, we take pride in the warmth of the Morningside family and the school’s longstanding commitment to excellence in teaching. By continuing to dedicate ourselves to these core values, e honor the work of those who came before us. Looking ahead, we are excited about the many ways that we can build on this legacy. As you may have noticed, this past year we have focused on refreshing Morningside’s physical facilities, from renovations to the rooftop playground and school hallways to the purchase of new furniture for the 5-day program and new Montessori materials for all of the classrooms.  In the coming year, our priorities include professional development for several of our wonderful teachers as well as additional efforts to improve our space through refurbishing the kitchen and children’s restrooms.

To continue our growth, we need your help. Like all non-profit independent schools, we depend on tuition revenue as well as the generosity of our community of parents and alumni. With a tax-deductible gift to our Annual Fund, you will provide vital support for Morningside’s ongoing operations, including our scholarship fund, teacher training, curriculum development, and physical upgrades. As 2016 comes to a close, we hope you will look back on your experiences at Morningside and feel inspired to make a donation today. Help us meet our goal this year of 100% participation by class.

Best wishes from all of us in the Morningside Montessori community.

Nour Goda, Acting Director & Head of School

Peter Watt, President, Board of Trustees

The Annual Fund

Other Giving Opportunities

The Scholarship Fund

Our Scholarship Fund enables families to get their children off to the right start educationally. Each year this fund supports 10% of our student body. We began as a diverse school, representing the cross-cultural mix of the UWS, and this fund ensures that we stay that way.

The Teacher Enrichment and Assistance Fund

This fund provides learning opportunities for our teachers. We are committed to having well educated teachers and well rounded human beings. This fund allows teachers to take classes and provide experiences for their professional and personal growth.

The Strategic Planning Fund

This fund was established to allow the Director and the Board to administer to the long term and operational needs of the school.  This fund has supported in-house programming needs that are not covered by tuition and aids in supporting staff beyond the scope that tuition income provides.


This is a flexible fund that expands and contracts according to the community. Family participation enhances our school in many ways. Organizing the school library, volunteering at one of our community events, or doing something special in one of our classrooms, are just a few ways that families make our community the caring and wonderful school it's been since 1966.