Honoring John O'Donnell

February 27, 1940-September 13, 2012.


John O'Donnell was a treasured if irreverent, member of the teaching staff at MMS for 25 Years.  He inspired the minds of children and adults alike, challenging each one to think scientifically.  He made complex ideas accessible to everyone.  He was a rare creature, one that raised the standards of learning and teaching in every person he knew.   Generations of children arrived at his classroom door everyday bursting to tell him of a realization s/he had or an experience that connected to his teaching.  He was a born teacher and we were lucky to have him in our lives. 

In learning that John had left this plane, all of us were inspired to do something in his honor.  John was a student and teacher of science and the natural world, so it is only fitting that the legacy in his honor further the preservation of the natural world.  One of John's former students, Nadine Lehner, who attributes her commitment to the planet to her teacher, John, is working on a project in Patagonian Chile.  Conservacion Patagonica is creating a national wildlife and preserve, while providing economic opportunities for the people who live in the area of the park.

MMS is encouraging all of those who were affected by John's presence in their lives to make a donation to Conservacion Patagonica.  John instilled in all of us a wonderment and respect for all things scientific.  Let's support a project that would have been close to his heart, in his honor.  


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