Since 1966, hundreds of children have planted the roots of their education here.


Our Mission

Guided by the Montessori philosophy and best practices in modern early childhood education, together we nurture children into compassionate, independent, lifelong learners.  

Our Philosophy

The Morningside approach to early childhood education is based primarily on principles developed in the early twentieth century by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and early childhood educator:

Children learn best by doing;

Children teach themselves;

and Children learn from each other.

Morningside Montessori blends the latest and best practices of early childhood education.  We diverge from a traditional Montessori approach as a product of thoughtful research and pedagogical discourse as a community. As a result, we enhance Montessori lessons with current knowledge about child development. For example, while we use the moveable alphabet to help children learn to spell, we also employ shared reading techniques to engage all students in connecting pictures and words to support individual word identification. We read stories that are chosen by students because that helps children genuinely invest in the storytelling process. Our materials reflect a blended approach to supporting children in their path of learning. Blocks of all sorts and fantasy-play materials allow for children to play out their worlds. Our daily routine reflects a Montesssori approach and a more modern early childhood approach. A traditional Montessori school might only present work to individual children or small groups of children. While we use this method, we also bring the whole group of children together once per day for stories, singing or games as well as for the introduction of new materials.