MMS News January, 2012

News and Reminders

Tuesday, January 3rd: School Resumes

Monday January 9th-Friday January 13th:  Parent-Teacher Conferences for Toddler Class

Monday January 16th: School Closed.  Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday January 17th:  In-House Trip.  The Nature Company, “Neighborhood Nature” in the Toddler class.

Thursday January 19th:  Picture day (M/W/F Class comes in at 12:15 to be photographed)

Friday January 20th: Scholarship Applications for 2012-2013  are due.

Wednesday January 25th:  Quiver Farms visits and leaves us chicken eggs to raise into chicks.  Every class has an incubator.

Monday January 30th: Staff Meeting.  Children who leave at 1:30pm, must be picked up at 12:30 today. Please note that this is a change from the previously published calendar.

Monday January 30th: In-House Trip. Play me a Story presents, “The Wizard of Oz” for the M/W/F, South, West and Pm classes.
In my experience as  a parent, you can never think about discipline and your children enough.  It’s difficult, winding road, and children are always growing-therefore their needs are always changing.  In my opinion, no one is talking about discipline as effectively, and humorously, as Dr. John Medina.  So I defer to his work for the article of the month.  I am linking you to one of his articles on discipline. There are many links to his books, “Brain Rules” and “Brain Rules for Baby” on that page.  I highly suggest that you read them both.  They are enlightening and entertaining.  And yes, I have recommended “Brain Rules for Baby” before, but it is so great, it bears repeating.