MMS News June, 2011


Thursday June 16th-Stepping up/Goodbye Celebration-Last Day of School!

Monday June 20th-Summer Program at MMS Opens!



Stepping Up and Saying Goodbye

Moving on is always hard. People are built to make relationships and attachments.  Many of our students who are leaving MMS ask, “Why can’t we have a school that goes for your whole life?”  None of us wants to let go.    Letting go feels like leaving a piece of yourself behind.  It’s easy to see why kids (and often, parents) can have a tough time facing this.  Yet there must be something to this letting-go process – otherwise, why so many books and support groups on the topic?    This upcoming moving-on is a major step in your child’s life – possibly the first one s/he is old enough to really talk about, and with this step comes a lot of learning about what it feels like to say goodbye.

When we think about the end of the school year, we think first of the children who are leaving.   These are the kids who have the biggest hurdle because they have to try to imagine what it will be like to no longer go to Morningside.  We try to help our graduating children process this change in their lives by talking about their time at Morningside and about their upcoming life at their new school.  Since we know that, when people are moving on, it can help to have memories to hold onto, we give the graduates portfolios of their work and photos of their friends and activities from their past academic year.

But the graduates are not the only ones who will be having changes in their lives.  There are also students who, while not leaving Morningside, are moving to a different class within Morningside.  This is a big change for these little people too.

And change is also coming to the kids who are remaining in their classrooms for another year; being the ones who stay (or is it, the ones who are left?) behind is laden with emotion as well.  The children who will return to their same classrooms next year are still letting go of what they have known thus far because they have to say good-bye to their older classmates.  Being the ‘leaver’ is hard and being the ‘left’ is hard.

For all these different groups, this month is full of change.  This is why we celebrate these many changes with every member of the classroom.  Each person and family are involved in this leave-taking process.  Healthy partings, where people can say goodbye while holding onto all their mixed emotions, take courage.  You and your children are brave to show up and acknowledge your many feelings.

I look forward to being there with you and your children on Thursday.