MMS News November 2012





November 14-21, Wed- Wed: Parent-Teacher Conferences in the West Class


November 22-23 Thursday and Friday: No School, Thanksgiving


November 26-30 Monday -Friday:  Parent-Teacher Conferences North Class


Calendar Change


Due to losing three days of school, I had to revise our school calendar.  I always schedule two extra days in case of snow etc.  But we have used those up and one more.  In February, we had scheduled two days off, Monday and Tuesday, February 18th and 19th.  We will now be open on Tuesday February 19th to recoup the missing day.  The website calendars have been updated and a hard copy has been put in your child’s mailbox.   Let’s hope we don’t have any more school closings!


Developing a culture of connectedness


November is the month of talking about saying “thank you” in most early childhood programs.  It’s a really important lesson in children’s lives and that’s why it’s one of the few that repeats year after year.  The importance of showing gratitude for what you have can never be remembered enough.  I am sure that you talk about this in your homes as well.


It is particularly poignant this year, in this area, in the wake of the hurricane.  Sadly, when things like this happen we are reminded to be grateful for what you have.  The annoying minutiae that drove you nuts yesterday, fades away in the wake of a disaster.


How can we cultivate more gratitude without needing the reminder of disaster?  There are thousands of answers to this, but I invite you to find your answer.  I think one way to think about sustaining gratitude is to develop the ability to stay connected to others.  Or maybe the connection follows the gratitude.  I’m not sure.  But they are both involved in taking you outside your mundane happenings and connecting you to something meaningful.


I always look to ‘doing’ something to show my gratitude, to manifest being connected to others.  My needing to be concrete might be part of why I like working with little children, but nonetheless…  I remind myself to tell my children things that I like about them- real things.  It reminds all of us that we have a love connection not just a ‘I’m the Mom so I take care of you’ connection.  You, parents, remind us, the teachers and staff, that we have a meaningful connection when you ask how we are, and listen to the answer. Individuals who are giving time, food and resources to those affect by Hurricane Sandy, remind us to stay connected to each other. The small gestures are not small to the receiver and are even bigger to the giver.