Extended Day


Early bird Drop-off: rise and shine!

For 2.8 - 5 year olds, our Early Bird Drop-Off Program allows parents to drop-off their children as early as 8:00am if needed, and can be utilized on an as-needed basis. This program offers children a quiet and intimate setting for individualized attention from a teacher while exploring the Montessori materials and classroom.

After School: Small groups and big ideas!

Our After School Program offers children, ages 2.8 - 5, the opportunity to enrich their lengthy day. Children begin by unwinding with yoga. The dynamic After School Program schedule allows children to receive enriched Montessori instruction, enabling them to continue practicing the skills they are cultivating in their classes. It also includes art, movement, soccer, and basic Spanish language instruction. 

After School includes nap-time from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Children from either the Explorers kindergarten prep program or our 5-Day Afternoon (PM) Program may join the After School Program after their daily program.


For 4 and 5 year-olds, the "Explorers" is a Kindergarten-preparation enrichment program for children who are enrolled in our 5-Day Morning or 5-Day Full Day Programs. They are designed for children who are ready for a longer day and additional academic challenges. The routines of the Explorers classes adhere to a more typical kindergarten format, and therefore, guide children through their last year of preschool to begin their transition to Kindergarten.

The daily structure includes a whole group lesson and independent table work. After independent work time, children gather on the rug to review the lesson of the day. 

The curriculum incorporates math, language, science, cooking, arts & crafts, music, movement, and geography activities that are linked to common Kindergarten curricula. These activities are stimulating and fun for primary school children, but the standards of focus and independence are greater than those in our regular 5-Day Programs.

The Explorers program emphasizes:

• More complex demonstrations with longer whole-group instruction

• More independence in language and math activities

• More frequent whole-group lessons, whole-group writing, cooking, etc.

• High expectations of best efforts

• Independent problem-solving 

• Socratic-type conversations and inquiry

Small World Language: Think Local, Speak Global!

For 3 - 5 year olds, our Small World Language Program immerses children in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese for one half-hour a day. The curricula, much like the traditional Montessori method, encourage children to explore their environment through language, using games, stories, songs, and puppets. 

Classes meeting in the mornings, from 8:30am - 9:00am. Children are escorted by their Language teachers to their morning class afterwards.