How to Donate


There are so many ways to support our school.

The Scholarship Fund:

Our Scholarship Fund enables families to get their children off to the right start educationally.  Each year this fund, ensures that 10% of our student body can attend here.  We began as a diverse school, representing the cross-cultural mix of the UWS, and this fund ensures that we stay that way.

The Teacher Enrichment and Assistance Fund:

This fund provides learning opportunities for our teachers.  We are committed to having well educated teachers and well rounded human beings.  This fund allows teachers to take classes and provide experiences for their professional and personal growth.

The Strategic Planning Fund

This fund was established to allow the Director and the Board to administer to the long term and operational needs of the school.  This fund has supported in-house programming needs that are not covered by tuition and aids in supporting staff beyond the scope that tuition income provides.

Please indicate to which fund you would like your money allocated.