One of the many ways that members of our parent community participate in the leadership of Morningside Montessori is by serving on our Board of Trustees, which works in a collaborative way with the Head of School to guide school operations.

The Board of Trustees of Morningside Montessori School consists of twelve Trustees. All are current parents and serve the board in a voting capacity.  Additional Trustees may contribute to the board but may only serve in a non-voting capacity. Each Trustee is voted in and elected to serve a two-year term by the parents or guardians of children enrolled in Morningside Montessori School.

Working with the Head of School, the Board of Trustees directs the affairs of Morningside Montessori School and determines such matters as:

  • Appointment and compensation of Executive Director of the school

  • Annual school budget and investment of surplus funds

  • Strategic Planning

  • Financial Aid budget

  • Fundraising

  • Administrative Policy

  • Building an inclusive and diverse school community

The Board of Trustees meets once a month from September to June.  Once a year, the Board of Trustees holds an open meeting, which is an opportunity for any parent or guardian of children enrolled in the school to hear more about the board's work and offer feedback.

Board of Trustees 2018-19


Sasha Nicholas, President

Sarah DeFeo, Vice President

Zach Jacobs, Secretary

Wallis Tsai, Treasurer



Matt Greenfield

Carrie Hughes

Tim Mank

Amy McInnis

Ben Moreno

Ted Murphy

Swati Ganmukhi Olebe

Carla Patane

Jan Percival

Sayuri Stabrowski

Shari Verschell